From age to age

The Soghain were a people who inhabited what is now the barony of Tiaquin in East Galway. The borders are roughly bounded by the river Suck in the east, the Clare river in  the west; the Grange and Shiven rivers to the north; and the Raford and Ballinure rivers to the south.

When they got there is not recorded but they seem to have thrived in their land, noted for its low lying fields, which were well guarded according to ancient bards :

The six Sogain let us not shun/their kings are without oblivion/Good the host of plundering excursions/to whom the spear-armed Sogain is hereditary. (Seán Mór Ó Dubhagáin d 1372)

In this blog I hope to be of help in sharing stories, connecting cousins and helping people get in touch with their roots in the lands of the Soghain and beyond.


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